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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portraits: Grant Risdon

This week's cover story allowed me to photograph one of the most striking people I have ever put in front of my camera: Grant Risdon, the last Cachagua cowboy.

Grant is a great subject for a few reasons. For one, his stories—tall tales and all—are a realistic history of Cachagua. Grant is a historian of sorts with his tales of life deep in Carmel Valley.

Conall Jones, son of Cachagua Store chef Mike Jones, is a filmmaker and put together a documentary of Risdon and his stories.

Check out the video clips of Rumsen Films.

Listen below to Grant telling the story of roping a sheriff's deputy:

(audio and visuals produced by Nic Coury.)

Grant has a great, aged face and tells lots of stories and tall tales from his life, deep in Carmel Valley.

There is also this way that he talks and a moment, when telling a story, where his smile turns into this slightly-twisted, devilish little boy smirk (right).

He is also an avid smoker and hand rolls his cigarettes.

Posted by staff photographer Nic Coury.

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  1. grant and i were great friends growing up in carmel valloey. yes his father was a class act asswhole. grant spent hours at my house drawing pictures. we lived only a ranch away, on panetta road. now at 70, i still have fond memories of our friendship, richard muniz