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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Car Week 2010: Concours d'LeMons

A chopped Volkswagen Bus does wheelies in the Toro Park parking lot.

While Maseratis, Bugattis, Porsches and other fine cars cruised the Peninsula, Toro County Park hosted the second annual Concours d'LeMons and plenty of classically bad cars filled the lawn.

Photos by Nic Coury.

Tom Dailey's 1975 Lincoln Town Coupe is a homage to his favorite highway food eatery.

Joanne Quinn Owens 1996 Mazda B3000 is decked out for a luxurious overnight stay.

The LeMons changes up their signs to best reflect their choice vehicles.

William Hall's 1962 VW Bug has seen better days.

A line of Ford Pintos and AMC classics.

The Ford Pinto logo.

Larry Vera, a Salinas resident, has only put 3, 250 miles on his 1982 Deloren.

The Corvair logo.

Kevin Wood's 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis in classic purple and yellow.

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  1. It seems like a very nice event. I hope I could attend the next car event. I am also a classic cars fanatic. It just thrills me whenever I see one. Maybe it just runs in the blood. My Dad is a fan too. And now he is going to Indianapolis Hyundai dealers to check out some used cars (Indianapolis, Indiana) which he will be using in assembling his classy classic car. I can’t wait to see the result so we can join an event like this.