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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marathon Swim from Santa Cruz to Monterey

Bruckner Chase walks out of Monterey Bay after completing the swim.

Yesterday afternoon, Bruckner Chase became only the second-known person to swim the 25-mile trek from Santa Cruz to Monterey across the bay.

Chase, originally from Santa Cruz started out just after 4 am and finish 14 hours later at San Carlos Beach in Monterey to about 300 spectators, including news stations and family and friends.

"I am intimately aware of Moon Jellies now," commented Chase, in regards to many run-ins he had with the sea creatures, but his message was still positive.

"I want people to get in the water more."

Photos by Nic Coury.

People watch the press conference from the beach.

A kayaker paddles through the bay.

Spectators cheer on Chase's arrival to the beach.

Chase makes the last few strokes in Monterey Bay.

Chase embraces his wife Michelle on the beach.

Chase answers questions.

Chase talks to news stations while his jellyfish tattoo peeks out above his wetsuit.

Spectators watch from the pier.

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