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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Brawl: MMA in Salinas

Marco Orozco swings at Benji Silva during the main fight on Friday.

Photos by Nic Coury

Despite the rain, the Fox Theater Salinas was full of heavy-hitting mixed-martial arts action during the Winter Brawl hosted by Central Coast Throwdown.

Local fighters Jonathon Gaxiola and Adrien Olivas both won their bouts and Benji Silva defeated Marco Orozco during the main event.

Silva takes a pounding to the face.

Silva with his game face on, goes for a heavy punch.

A bloodied Orozco after the final round.

Silva celebrates his win.

A fan in the front row cheers on Benji Silva.

Salinas fighter Jonathon Gaxiola takes a minute before his bout.

Gaxiola kicks high at his opponent Jose Antonio-Batacan.

Gaxiola celebrates after winning his first bout.

Rickey Jackson pummels Rojelio Reyes as he would go on to win over Reyes.

Reyes lets out a scream as Jackson gets the upper hand.

Salinas fighter Adrien Olivas steps into the ring.

Olivas gets on top of his opponent Elisar Alvarez. He ended up winning the match.

Fatai Bailala (left) takes a punch from Steven Dickey as he attempts to fight back.

Bailala makes an maneuver to get on top of Dickey.

Blood spots cover the ring following the Dickey-Bailala match.

One of Bailala's trainers wipes sweat and blood from the fighter's face.

Ashlee Evans-Smith gets the advantage over her opponent Samantha Mosqueda.

Mosqueda takes a break between rounds.

Evans-Smith celebrates her win with her trainer.

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